Happy New Years?

This is that time of year where we sum up the year that has passed and decide what we want for the future. We celebrate the turning of the New Year and feel optimistic about the future. And this is why New Years Resolutions fail.

Make your New Years Resolution count. Don’t feel good, but feel the pain. Because; if you have a goal that means that you have a problem. Problems are not easily solved, they don’t go away because you wish them too, they are persistent and PAINFUL.

Don’t let optimism, visualizing the resolution, the path toward goal achievement make you feel good -that will pacify you. So stop feeling good because you have a goal.

Let the pain motivate you. The problem is still there and you have no choice but to act each and every single day in order to make the pain go away. You have a problem that needs to be solved. I wish you a painful New Years Resolution.



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